Elizabeth Bourgeois Bridy

“Perfectly Imperfect”As I am many things, so are my pieces. They are layered with acrylics & fabrics, share space with magazine clippings & charcoal handwriting. Perfectly imperfect is what I see. Yes. I am many things. First, I am an artist who is feminine, sensual, & complex. However, I am also a child. A messy, spirited, emotional, defiant, strong, child who is willing to lose herself to a wide-open canvas. I began painting 20 years ago after moving to Miami. Coming from Montreal, I found Florida brightened by sun twelve months a year & therefore influenced by color like never before. As Miami inspired me visually, New York inspired me emotionally. My work went deeper. The four years spent in my NYC studio was more like a "LABORATORY" for me. It is were I truly found myself as a mixed media artist. Currently living in Laguna, I have opened my soul. Each of these different cities have influenced me and enabled my art to grow into an experience of emotion and color.